America's most environmentally friendly portland-limestone blended cement is here.

Sustainability, Performance and Beauty

Rise Together

ADVANCEMENTTM is a new line of blended hydraulic cements that represents CalPortland's commitment to the environment and long line of performance products. With up to 15% limestone by mass, ADVANCEMENTTM generates approximately 10% less CO2 to reduce the embodied energy per ton of cement.

ADVANCEMENTTM makes ordinary
Portland cement extraordinary.


  • The blending of limestone with clinker in the manufacturing process reduces embodied carbon to dramatically lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • ADVANCEMENTTM can be combined with other concrete carbon reduction technologies to further enhance performance and increasingly reduce concrete's embodied carbon.


  • ADVANCEMENTTM is a portland-limestone cement that's relatively new to the United States but has been used successfully in Europe and around the world for decades.
  • Performs equal to or better than ordinary portland cement especially in combination with supplementary cementitious materials.


  • The attractive light color and reduced environmental impact of ADVANCEMENTTM LT gives architects and engineers the ability to build more sustainable, resilient and appealing concrete buildings.

Product Line


Where Strength and Design Unite.

Description: A lighter higher albedo Type IL PLC.

Benefits: Reduces CO2 in the manufacturing process by ~10% vs. common ASTM C150 cement.

Uses: Above ground architectural and colored applications.


Pave the Way with Science and Resilience.

Description: A blend of Type II/V portland-limestone cement.

Benefits: Reduces CO2 in the manufacturing process by ~10% vs. common ASTM C150 cement.

Uses: High sulfate areas at or below grade. HS is suitable for most concrete construction applications.

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ADVANCEMENTTM NP (Natural Pozzolan)

Description: A supplementary cementitious material (SCM consisting of natural pozzolan blended with Type II/V portland cement. Natural pozzolans are a siliceous or silico-aluminous material that will, in finely divided form and in the presence of moisture chemically react with calcium hydroxide at ordinary temperatures to form compounds having cementitious properties. )

Benefits: Reduces CO2 in the manufacturing process by ~10% vs. common ASTM C150 cement.

Uses: NP is a general-purpose cement suitable for most concrete construction.

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Description: A Ternary (three-part) blend of II/V cement, limestone and pozzolan.

Benefits: This blended product reduces the amount of CO2 in the manufacturing process by 20-25% as compared to common ASTM C150 cements while maintaining product performance requirements.

Uses: A general purpose cement suitable for most concrete construction.

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